As a member of the Guild you are entitled to the following benefits:

 - A personalized member page can be provided for you, or your band. Your page can be used as a promotional tool for your projects. You can even use it as your web page.  

- Members have access to potential paid performances and show opportunities. While we cannot guarantee shows, we will make sure our members are alerted to any online performance and exhibition applications we receive, and are given first consideration for any event the Guild manages. 

- Members can connect with each other on the Guild Facebook group to share information, provide mentoring, and help each other solve problems.  

- Members have access to the Guild stage, sound system, and sound engineer services. 

- Members are supported by the Guild through volunteerism. For example, if you need help hanging pictures, or need someone to run your merch table at your show, and so much more, don't hesitate to ask!

You get out of your membership what you put into it:  so please show up, sign up, stay connected, volunteer, let us know how the Guild can support you.