....an Ypsi-based quartet that charmingly refresh expectations of acoustic folk music, adding a bit of jangle and soul to their resplendently melodic arrangements.”

Jeff Milo

About 'the sammich'

Mercury Salad Sandwich has a simple approach to music: write tunes that make people groove and sing along, then get thirsty and buy more beer. Underneath that is a lot of thought about what makes a song catchy and memorable, and the discipline to keep things simple. Based on the songs of singer-songwriter Brooke Ratliff and guitarist Kurt Bonnell, 'the sammich' is a funky-bluegrassy acoustic four-piece. Mercury Salad always delivers top-notch players and solid female vocals. Kyle Kipp and Ozzie Andrews, both of Black Jake and the Carnies, are laying an excellent foundation of bass and drums.

For shows, booking information, music and news, go to http://www.mercurysalad.com