This band cranked out a boatload of infectious grooves. Their sound was magnetic and energetic. They play rock music firmly rooted in the blues, but with a snappy dose of soul.”

Chuck Marshall



Strange Flavors is a progressive/blues rock band that formed in late 2015 out of Ypsilanti, MI. With their energetic stage antics, big sound, and over the top performances they quickly made a name for themselves. Floating through driving rhythms, intricate solos, syncopated bass lines, and crushing vocals the group exudes a sound and style all their own. Brutal, yet soulful and cerebral. Whether the venue is a dark stage, sunny forest, or burning field, Strange Flavors will make you laugh, dance, and move.  

On June 30, 2017 the band released their first album "Building Blocks". 

Vocals - Ryan Brown 
Guitar - Chris Jemison 
Bass - Matt Ordiway 
Drums - Blake Hendrix